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by | Jun 28, 2017 |


Welcome to William & Mary! We know the process of choosing a college has been difficult. You are probably trying to decide what God’s will is for you. Your choices have probably been between a Christian school, a private school or a state school like William & Mary. Two of the questions you may have are:

-Can my faith in Jesus survive a secular university like William & Mary?

-Will I find a community of friends in college who will encourage me to mature as a person and in my faith and beliefs?

Perhaps we have a bias, but yes your faith in Jesus Christ can not only survive, but mature while you are here at W&M! There are many activities that are designed by InterVarsity as well as the other Christian Ministries on campus to do just that. As you look through this website, we hope that you will see just a taste of the programs and leadership opportunities that InterVarsity has at William & Mary.

We work hard in the first couple weeks of school to meet you and help you acclimate to the campus. There are cook-outs, community events, worship services, and small group bible studies in your residence halls designed to help you get to know other Freshmen as well as Upperclassmen who can help you grow in your faith.

Want to see what InterVarsity is like at William & Mary? Contact one of our staff; Connor Clark ( or Marty Purks ( to get connected with a student during your visit!


Dear Parents,

We’re excited that your son or daughter is considering William & Mary as they move into the next phase of their life! If you’re anything like some of our current student’s parents or some of our campus staff ministers, Marty and his wife Carolyn, you’re probably approaching this transition with a potent mixture of pride, excitement, trepidation, and outright fear. Carolyn likes to tell the story of taking her first son to college, and her unshakeable fear that if she didn’t make his bed for him that first day, it would never get made. From there, he wouldn’t get enough sleep, he wouldn’t eat enough, his grades would suffer, and he wouldn’t make any friends. Needless to say, she made sure that the bed was made. However, here at William & Mary, we believe that InterVarsity Christian Fellowship offers a unique opportunity for students to pursue God, God’s purposes, and fellowship with His people. We believe that this extends not only across the 4 (or more) years of college, but across the following 40 years of vocation, whether that’s in the home, academia, government, the marketplace, or in full-time professional ministry.

InterVarsity isn’t just a community to get plugged in with that keeps students from making poor choices. Ultimately, our task is to move students closer to the life of Christ here on earth, one marked by inward devotion to knowing God and the outward practice of being His hands and feet to the campus and to the world. To that end, InterVarsity is constantly striving to equip its members to be friends to those who want nothing to do with the church. We’re always seeking to proclaim and demonstrate the Gospel in ways that will cause our friends to stop and consider taking Jesus’ invitation to take a step with Him on life’s journey. Furthermore, as a ministry at the best small state institution in the United States, we have a unique opportunity to produce true world-changers, men and women who will impact every aspect of business, government, academics, art, science, and the church for the Gospel. A little bit more at peace about your son or daughter’s future at William & Mary? We sure hope so. If you have any more comments, questions, or concerns, shoot one of our staff a quick e-mail.  We would love to talk to you and get your son/daughter connected with a current student.  

Thank you, and God bless!

Connor Clark,
Marty Purks,